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The HK Challenge is Hong Kong’s premier experiential management development programme. Having taken place seven times since 2007 the event sees up to 30 teams of 5 from Hong Kong’s top companies go head to head in a series of strategic, physical and mental challenges.

The event focuses on 3 key work related competencies:

Talent Development - Pre–Event

All participants will have the option of undertaking an on-line psychometric evaluation, with a full interpretation guide and de-brief documents being made available. Should your company wish to formally integrate this process into their on-going training and development activities, we would be able to assist in facilitating these de-briefs.

Talent Development - Post-Event

As well as inviting senior management and HR executives to observe their teams in action on 2 of the 5 stages, the organisers would also be available to provide de-briefing sessions post event to help participants better understand their experiences. These could be carried out informally outside of the work environment, or more formally and tied to specific goals and performance objectives for the following year.

Communication and Decision Making

Each stage in the event is non-linear, and could be a combination of kayaking and code cracking or night navigation and construction task. Success is achieved by devising the right strategy given the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

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